How to Learn Singing “Strange World” from Iron Maiden

Learning to Sing Iron Maiden’s “Strange World”

“Strange World” by Iron Maiden is an excellent song for singers looking to enhance their rock singing skills. This piece showcases the unique vocal approach of singer Paul Di’Anno, who uses emotional, song-specific articulation and a bright, clear tone.

Understanding Your Voice

To sing “Strange World” effectively, one must first understand and analyze their voice. Our guide on voice analysis offers a thorough breakdown of the process. It’s also important to recognize the song’s vocal requirements and match them with your capacity. Use our Vocal range test to assist you in this task.

Using Paul Di’Anno’s Vocal Technique

Di’Anno is renowned for his bright vocal quality, achieved through the “twang” technique. This method, often used in rock and pop music, is also identifiable in other popular songs such as “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N Roses. To learn more about twang and how to incorporate it, check our article. You could even practice it with the How to Twang Exercise.

Mastering Articulation

In “Strange World”, Di’Anno utilizes expressive articulation to add emotion to the lyrics. He is dynamic with diction and articulates words in a way that enhances the meaning. Practice your articulation skills using the Finger Bite exercise while learning more from our article on the subject.

Sustaining Pitch Accuracy

One of the challenges in this song is maintaining pitch accuracy, particularly in the higher ranges. Our Pitch accuracy test and Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game will help you develop the ear and control needed to consistently hit the correct notes.

Wrapping Up

“Strange World” is just a part of the rich repertoire of Iron Maiden, but it’s a great place to start exploring their music. Another exciting feature of the song is its genre. If you love singing rock, find more songs matching your vocal range and genre preference in our database.