How to Learn Singing “Strong Enough” from Cher

Learning to Sing ‘Strong Enough’ by Cher

“Strong Enough” is a powerful song by Cher, with a strong vocal presence. This article will guide you through how to sing this song effectively using Singing Carrots’ multitude of resources. This song showcases a notable technique – Twang – a sound that adds an element of brightness and power to the voice.

The Twang Technique

Twang is about adding a ‘ring’ to the voice, which intensifies the vocal presence. It’s not exclusively used in country music, contrary to popular belief, but across a wide variety of genres. Besides “Strong Enough”, you can find it in songs like “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston or “Dream On” by Aerosmith.

Step-by-step Guide to Learn “Strong Enough”

  1. Find your Vocal Range:
    Start by taking the Vocal Range Test. This helps to check whether the song fits your voice and to understand the area to work on.
  2. Analyze the Song:
    Listen to “Strong Enough” carefully. Pay attention to the pitch, dynamics, and timing. Check Search songs by vocal range tool to find the exact range of the song.
  3. Learn the Twang Technique:
    Cher extensively uses Twang in this song to achieve that strong and intense vocal tone. This How to Twang Exercise will guide you in mastering it.
  4. Practice the song:
    Start practicing with the melody. The Vocal Pitch Monitor can be helpful in this phase to analyze your pitch accuracy in real-time.
  5. Work on the Lyrics:
    After getting comfortable with the melody, focus on the lyrics. Perfect your articulation following the advice given in the Articulation article.
  6. Breath Support:
    Cher’s continuous singing in “Strong Enough” requires good breath control. Building proper breath support is crucial.
  7. Performance:
    Learn how to convey the power of the song and connect with the audience by following advice in the Tips for performing on stage article.
  8. Monitor your Progress:
    Keep track of your improvement by using various Singing Carrots tools, such as the Pitch accuracy test.
  9. Repeat:
    Repeat this process as many times until you feel comfortable with the song. Remember, regular practice is key to success.

By carefully analyzing, practicing, and utilizing the twang technique, you will soon find yourself singing “Strong Enough” confidently and powerfully, just like Cher. With the resources provided by Singing Carrots, your dream of mastering this expressive song is within reach.