How to Learn Singing “Sweet Child o’ Mine” from Taken By Trees

Learning to Sing ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ by Taken By Trees

Re-imagined by Taken By Trees, ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’, originally by Guns N’ Roses, requires a unique vocal style different from its rock origins. It employs a soft, whispery, head-voice dominant singing with a touch of twang, and a contrasting vocal distortion style prominent in other indie folk songs.

Analyzing your Voice

Start by understanding your own voice. Use the vocal range test to figure out your vocal range and pitch accuracy. Once done, you can compare your voice with that of Victoria Bergsman (lead vocalist of Taken By Trees).

Vocal Technique

The soft, whispery vocals, achieved using head voice and a touch of twang, capture the essence of this rendition. The head voice lends a light, airy quality, while the twang adds a nasal, focused projection to the voice. You can practice this using ‘How to Twang Exercise’.

In some parts of the song, Bergsman uses a mild vocal distortion technique which is commonly used in indie folk and rock genres. The vocal distortion style, adds a raspy, rough quality to the voice. Check the ‘How to Growl Exercise’ for help mastering this.

Learning the Song

Split the song into sections to easily learn the melody and lyrics separately. Use the pitch training tool to practice the melody regularly.

Next, try singing along with the instrumental track, focusing on your breath support, intonation, and articulation of lyrics. Use the vocal pitch monitor to ensure you’re hitting the right notes.

Other Songs with Similar Techniques

You can find the same vocal techniques in other Indie or Indie-Folk songs by artists like Bon Iver (‘Re: Stacks’), Elliott Smith (‘Between the Bars’), and Joanna Newsom (‘Sapokanikan’). Practice these to master the unique vocal style needed for ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine.’ You can use the song search tool to find songs that match your vocal range and genre preference.


Regular practice, patience, and maintaining vocal health are key to learning any song effectively. Don’t rush the process, and give your voice the time it needs to adapt to these new techniques. Happy singing!