How to Learn Singing “Take on Me” from a-ha

How to Learn Singing “Take on Me” by a-ha

“Take on Me” by a-ha is a popular song known for its catchy melody and impressive vocal range. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning to sing this song effectively, incorporating practical advice and utilizing resources from Singing Carrots.

Analyzing Your Voice

Before diving into learning the song, it’s important to understand your own voice. Take the vocal range test on Singing Carrots to determine your vocal range, which will help you choose the appropriate key for “Take on Me.” Additionally, read our article on how to analyze your voice for a deeper understanding of your voice’s unique characteristics.

Mastering Vocal Technique

“Take on Me” requires a unique vocal technique known as falsetto. This technique involves singing in a higher register, producing a light and airy tone. To learn more about vocal registers and falsetto, read our article on voice registers & vocal break.

To improve your falsetto and overall vocal control, try the How to Twang Exercise video. This exercise will help you develop the necessary coordination in your vocal cords for a smooth transition into falsetto.

Learning the Song

Once you have a solid understanding of your voice and the necessary technique, it’s time to learn the song itself. Start by listening to the original version of “Take on Me” to familiarize yourself with the melody and lyrics. Sing along with the song multiple times to get a feel for the phrasing and timing.

To improve your pitch accuracy, use the pitch accuracy test on Singing Carrots. This interactive test provides feedback on your pitch, helping you fine-tune your singing skills.

Applying Singing Carrots Resources

Singing Carrots offers a variety of tools and resources to aid in your singing journey. The Vocal Pitch Monitor allows you to visualize your sung notes on a virtual piano, helping you identify any pitch inconsistencies.

For pitch training and vocal warm-ups, check out the Pitch Training section of Singing Carrots. This educational singing game provides exercises and visualizers to improve your pitch accuracy, range, and agility.

If you’d like to explore other songs that utilize similar vocal techniques, browse the Singing Carrots song search feature. You can search for songs based on vocal range, difficulty, and genre preference.

Monitoring Your Progress

As you continue practicing “Take on Me,” it’s important to monitor your progress. Utilize the progress statistics feature on Singing Carrots to track your improvement over time. This will help you identify areas that require further attention and celebrate your achievements.


Learning to sing “Take on Me” by a-ha is an exciting and rewarding journey. By understanding your voice, mastering vocal technique, utilizing Singing Carrots resources, and consistently practicing, you’ll be able to deliver a captivating performance of this iconic song. So, get started today and let your voice shine!