How to Learn Singing “The Beautiful Ones” from Prince

The Art of Singing “The Beautiful Ones” by Prince

Prince’s “The Beautiful Ones” is a well-crafted song that uniquely displays his abilities to blend soulful singing with vocal acrobatics, often switching between registers and showing off his falsetto skills.

Getting to Know Your Voice

Before learning to sing the song, it is essential to analyze your voice. This helps in getting to know your voice type and identify your vocal range. Prince had an extensive vocal range, so don’t worry if you can’t hit every note he did. Concentrate on emotive interpretation.

Mastery of Falsetto and Breath Control

Prince often slips into a falsetto in “The Beautiful Ones”, which requires mastering breath control. Our article on breathing basics can be an excellent read for beginners. Practice Farinelli Breathing exercise for better breath control.

Finding Emotion in Your Voice

Prince’s performance of “The Beautiful Ones” is filled with raw emotion, which is replicated by understanding the connection between singing and emotion.For this, we need to also control breath to manage those emotional high points, so it’s also crucial to develop good breath support.

Improve Your Pitch

Pitch perfection is crucial in singing “The Beautiful Ones”. Practice Pitch Training using Singing Carrots to polish your pitch accuracy skills.

Articulation and Constriction Avoidance

In Prince’s music, the words must flow naturally without hindrance. Ensure you are not constricting your airflow. Practise the Finger Bite technique for better articulation.

Perform with Style

Prince’s performance style is unique and full of personality. Learn some basic stage tips from our video to carry the charisma of Prince.

Now that you’re equipped with all the necessary information, dive into the task of mastering “The Beautiful Ones” – evocative and stirring like the legend himself, Prince.