How to Learn Singing “The Black Hills of Dakota” from Doris Day

Learning to Sing “The Black Hills of Dakota” by Doris Day

Doris Day’s “The Black Hills of Dakota” requires a solid understanding of the ‘light-lyric soprano’ voice type and the ability to sing triplet swing rhythm. The song also demands a precise articulation, breathing, and relaxed chest voice.

Voice Type and Vocal Range

Doris Day was a ‘light-lyric soprano’. This voice type is characterized by a bright and sweet timbre, capable of quick agility and sustaining high notes. Not sure about your voice type? Use our vocal range test to find out. But, always remember that the most important thing is to sing comfortably and expressively in your own authentic voice.

Triplet Swing Rhythm

In “The Black Hills of Dakota”, a predominant feature is its ‘triplet swing rhythm’, a style commonly used in jazz, blues, and certain pop songs. To get a feel for swing rhythm, and to improve your pitch accuracy, try out our pitch training and exercises.

Articulation and Breathing

Precise articulation enhances the swing feel of the song. Our Finger Bite exercise can help you improve your articulation. Breath control is crucial as well. Use the proper breathing techniques to effectively sing longer phrases, and use pauses to take quick breaths.

Chest Voice

Doris Day predominantly sang in her chest voice while performing this song, enabling her to produce a fuller, richer sound. For those struggling with this, the Chest Voice Explained video can guide you in better understanding and using your chest voice.

Putting it all together

Start by listening to “The Black Hills of Dakota” several times to get a feel for the style, melody and rhythm. Afterward, practice singing the song bit by bit, slowly increasing your tempo. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor tool to check your pitch accuracy. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the process!