How to Learn Singing “The Less I Know the Better” from Tame Impala

The Less I Know the Better: A Vocal Journey

Tame Impala’s “The Less I Know the Better” is a great song to showcase your vocal abilities. The vocal technique used in this song is twang, a popular modern singing method. Here’s how you analyze the song and learn to sing it:

Step 1: Analyze the Song

Using our Vocal Range Test, identify your vocal range. This will help you understand whether the song’s pitch is within your capabilities. Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to see what notes you’re exactly singing and compare them with the original.

Step 2: Understand Twang Technique

The ‘Twang’ is an essential part of Tame Impala’s vocal style, characterized by a brighter, ringing tone. This Twang exercise can help you understand and practice it better.

Step 3: Singing with Emotions

Connecting with the song emotionally is just as important as mastering the technical aspects of singing. The take on singing with emotion can provide insightful tips.

Step 4: Song Practice

Now, it’s time to sing! Consider using the effective song learning strategies and the Pitch Training tool to help you practice consistently and improve.

As you practice, remember that “The Less I Know the Better” doesn’t just stand alone. The twang technique is also used in popular songs like “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele or “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. Use the Song Search tool to find more songs matching your vocal type and range, and that feature the twang technique.