How to Learn Singing “The Model” from Kraftwerk

Learning to Sing “The Model” by Kraftwerk

“The Model” by Kraftwerk is a fascinating song when it comes to vocal technique, particularly due to its use of monotone and robotic vocals, not often seen in other genres of music. The technique you need to focus on for this song is “Speech Level Singing”. This is all about relaxed and easy singing while staying in the speech or talking range.

Step 1: Understanding Your Voice

Before diving into this song, it’s essential to understand your vocal range and abilities. Our Vocal Range Test will identify your range and help you understand which parts of the song may be challenging for you.

Step 2: Mastering Speech Level Singing

Speech Level Singing is all about maintaining your normal speaking posture while adding melody to your words. This technique is commonly used in spoken word, rap, and electronic music. Remember that this singing style is less about carrying a tune and more about rhythm and pronunciation. So, focus on staying rhythmic and clear with your words.

Step 3: Practice the Song

Use our Song Search feature to find “The Model” and practice along with the song. Try to mimic the tone and style of the vocals. Remember, the goal isn’t to showcase vocal acrobatics but stay true to the delivery and feel of the song.

Step 4: Improve Your Pitch Accuracy

While “The Model” doesn’t require a wide range, pitch accuracy is still crucial, especially given the robotic, monotone delivery. Our Pitch Accuracy Test can help develop this skill.

Step 5: Polish Your Performance

Once you’re comfortable with the song, it’s time to bring it all together. Work on your breathing, maintaining perfect posture – making use of our Good Singing Posture video, and emoting through your facial expressions and body movements. Consider looking at our stage tips and learn how to overcome stage fright to take your performance to the next level.

Singing “The Model” by Kraftwerk may seem simple, but mastering the “Speech Level Singing” technique can open new doors for your singing repertoire, particularly in the electronic music genre. Practice diligently and don’t be afraid to embrace the electronic, robotic vibe of this iconic song.