How to Learn Singing “The Rainbow Connection” from Kermit the Frog

Learning “The Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog

With its soft tone and comforting message, “The Rainbow Connection” is a beloved song that reaches the listener’s heart. Kermit’s unique vocals feature a gentle nasal twang which can be a great technique to explore in your own singing journey.

Vocal Technique: Nasal Twang

A ‘nasal twang’ adds character to your voice by directing the sound through the nasal cavities. This technique is used in various genres, from country music to certain pop tunes, contributing to an emotive, resonant sound. Other popular songs featuring a nasal twang include “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash, and “Jolene” by Dolly Parton.

To help develop your nasal twang, try this instructional Soft Palate video. Another useful video is Stop Sounding Nasal. These exercises will guide you on how to engage your soft palate and manage nasality in your voice.

Practical Steps to Learn the Song

  1. Determine your vocal range to understand how comfortable you’ll be singing the song.
  2. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to familiarize yourself with the melody line.
  3. For maintaining pitch accuracy in the song, utilize the Pitch Accuracy Test.
  4. While learning the song lyrics, focus on articulation, especially since part of the song’s charm is in its narrative style.

Refer to this article on How to Learn a Song Effectively for more detailed steps and strategies

Mind Your Vocal Health

Always bear in mind the importance of vocal health. Warm up your voice before practice and take breaks when needed. Never force your voice to imitate any singing technique. Instead, seek to understand and internalize it, so you can recreate it using your own unique voice.

Mastering the Song

Remember, singing is not just about perfecting technique; it also involves heartfelt delivery. Refer to this article on Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking for more on enhancing your performance.

Best of luck in your singing journey!