How to Learn Singing “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)” from Jason Mraz

Learning to Sing ‘The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)’ by Jason Mraz

In ‘The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)’, Jason Mraz showcases a unique vocal technique called Twang. Widely used in contemporary music, Twang can give your voice a bright and cutting quality without straining. Kathryn Zdan’s video on how to twang is a great starting point. Practice this technique and try incorporating it while you sing along to ‘The Remedy’.

Understanding Your Voice and The Song

Before diving into the song, take a vocal range test to understand your capabilities. Read the article on how to analyze your voice for a deeper understanding. This song falls into the ‘tenor’ range, as explained in our voice types article.

Mastering the Lyrics and Melody

Start learning ‘The Remedy’ effectively by using our guidelines detailed in the article. You can further assess your melody accuracy using our pitch accuracy test.

Practicing Twang in Other Songs

Expand your skills by practicing Twang with similar songs. Use our song search tool to find songs that match your vocal range and the Twang technique.

Take A Comprehensive Course

To build a strong singing foundation, consider our 21-day singing course. It covers a wide range of topics from understanding your voice to developing your unique style.

Maintain Your Progress

Regular practice is key to mastering any song. Use our tools like the Vocal Pitch Monitor and Pitch Training game to keep track of your progress. Happy singing!