How to Learn Singing “The Stand” from Michael W. Smith

Learning to Sing “The Stand” by Michael W. Smith

Are you a fan of Michael W. Smith’s iconic song “The Stand”? Do you want to learn how to sing it with confidence and accuracy? In this article, we will guide you through the process of mastering this beautiful song, highlighting its unique vocal technique and providing practical advice along the way.

Understanding the Song

“The Stand” is a powerful worship song that requires good vocal control and emotional expression. It is known for its dynamic range, with gentle verses leading into a powerful and anthemic chorus. To effectively sing “The Stand,” it is important to understand the song’s structure and message.

In terms of vocal technique, “The Stand” requires a strong breath support and control. This is crucial for maintaining consistent tone and pitch throughout the song. It also incorporates elements of vocal dynamics, as you’ll need to seamlessly transition from soft and delicate sections to strong and passionate moments.

Practical Steps to Learn and Sing “The Stand”

To begin learning “The Stand,” follow these practical steps:

  1. Listen to the Song: Start by familiarizing yourself with the original recording of “The Stand” by Michael W. Smith. Pay attention to the melody, lyrics, and the way he interprets the song.
  2. Warm-up and Vocal Exercises: Before diving into the song, warm up your voice with breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups. Our Singing Carrots resource, the Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game, can help you with pitch accuracy and vocal control.
  3. Break Down the Song: Break the song into sections – verses, pre-chorus, chorus, and bridge. Practice each section separately until you feel comfortable with the melody and lyrics. You can use our Vocal Pitch Monitor tool to visualize and monitor your pitch accuracy.
  4. Focus on Vocal Technique: Pay attention to the unique vocal technique used in “The Stand.” It incorporates a mix of chest voice and head voice. Explore articles on Singing Carrots, such as Voice Registers & Vocal Break and Contemporary Vocal Techniques: Heavy Modal, Twang, Belting, to understand and improve your vocal control in these registers.
  5. Practice with Accompaniment: Sing along with an instrumental version or a karaoke track of “The Stand.” This will help you develop a sense of timing and learn to stay in tune with the music. You can search for instrumental tracks on Singing Carrots’ Song Search feature, filtering by vocal range and difficulty level.
  6. Emotional Interpretation: “The Stand” is a song that carries a powerful message. Connect with the lyrics and deliver them with emotion. Practice singing the song with conviction, allowing the words to resonate deep within you.
  7. Record and Evaluate: Record yourself singing “The Stand” and listen back to evaluate your performance. Take note of areas that need improvement, such as pitch accuracy, dynamics, or emotional expression. Use the Singing Carrots Pitch Accuracy Test to further refine your pitch.
  8. Continued Practice: Like any skill, singing requires practice. Make it a habit to practice “The Stand” regularly, gradually incorporating these techniques and tips until you feel confident and comfortable with the song. Monitor your progress using Singing Carrots’ singing course to stay on track and enhance your vocal skills.

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