How to Learn Singing “The Way I Loved You” from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift – The Way I Loved You: A Vocal Approach

One of many Taylor Swift’s charming songs, “The Way I Loved You,” offers a blend of unique vocal techniques that contribute to its catchy and emotive sound. Central to these is Swift’s use of Mixed Voice and Articulation.

Find Your Vocal Range

First steps? Determine your vocal range with the Vocal Range Test to ensure you are comfortable with the song’s pitch. More on vocal analysis can be found here.

The Importance of a Mixed Voice

Mixed voice is a blend of chest and head voice, often used in Pop music to convey fullness and emotion while preventing vocal strain. This technique is evident in “The Way I Loved You,” where Swift smoothly transitions between her registers. To master this, use the Mixed Voice exercise. Study vocal registers here.


Swift’s clear lyric delivery is fundamental to the relatability of her songs. Learn how to articulate efficiently by following the Finger Bite exercise and referring to this article on Articulation.

Similar Songs

Once you’re confident with “The Way I Loved You”, explore other songs featuring similar techniques. “You Belong With Me” and “Back To December” are great starting points. Our Song Search tool can help you find more.

Improving Your Singing

Comprehensive improvement involves understanding your own voice and building sound techniques. Singing Carrots provides an all-encompassing singing course that covers everything from breathing basics to overcoming stage fright.

Happy singing and enjoy exploring the depths of your true voice!