How to Learn Singing “(They Call It) Stormy Monday” from The Allman Brothers Band

Learning to Sing “(They Call It) Stormy Monday”

“(They Call It) Stormy Monday” by The Allman Brothers Band is a classic blues song, renowned for its emotional depth and technical intricacy. Charging the song with authenticity demands a mastery of blues vocal techniques, such as call-and-response, vocal slides, and bluesy growls and bends.

Vocal Techniques – Blues Vocal Bends & Growls

The primary technique used in the song is a blues vocal bend. Vocal bending is a slight pitch deviation around the main note which adds expressiveness and a bluesy feel to the performance. It is also commonly used in other songs like “Texas Flood” by Stevie Ray Vaughan and “Red House” by Jimi Hendrix.

A Growl adds a coarse tone to the voice, employed to express heightened emotion. Notably, it’s used in “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin. To develop this skill, utilize this How to Growl Exercise.

Before attempting these techniques, ensure you have a strong foundation in basic singing skills, such as understanding breathing basics, voice types, and voice registers. Testing your vocal range can also be beneficial to identify the most comfortable pitch for your rendition of “(They Call It) Stormy Monday”.

Learning the Song

Starting the learning process, ensure to learn the song effectively step by step. Begin by breaking the song into sections, learn the melody, rhythm, and then the lyrics. Pay close attention to the original performance’s articulation, phrasing, breath control, dynamics, and emotion delivery.

Singing Carrots provides a range of tools that can help with this, including the Pitch Accuracy Test to assess how well you’re hitting the notes and the Pitch Monitor to give you a real-time view of your sung notes.

Applying the Techniques

Once comfortable with the song structure and melody, start incorporating the blues vocal bends and growls. Carefully listen to where these techniques are used in the original song and replicate them in a way that suits your voice.

Regular practice and monitoring of your improvement are key in your journey of mastering “(They Call It) Stormy Monday”. Singing Carrots provides a singing course and a tool for Pitch Training, both of which could contribute significantly to your progress.

Remember, the goal is not just to replicate, but to take these techniques and make them your own. Because how you interpret the song contributes to finding your authentic voice.

Remember to Stay Healthy

Singing should not physically harm you when done correctly. Proper vocal health, as outlined in this article is vital, especially when attempting newer and more challenging techniques.

Happy singing!