How to Learn Singing “Thoughtless” from Evanescence

Learning to Sing ‘Thoughtless’ by Evanescence

‘Thoughtless’, a song by Evanescence, is an impressive display of contemporary vocal techniques and offers a fantastic learning opportunity for singers. The song employs a unique blend of vocal techniques, including Heavy Modal, and Vocal Distortion.

Understanding Your Vocal Range and Pitch

Start by understanding the song’s vocal range and how it fits within your personal vocal capabilities. Use the vocal range test to determine your vocal range. Once you’re aware of your range, it will be easier to adjust and train your voice to suit the song.

Vocal Techniques in ‘Thoughtless’

In ‘Thoughtless’, Amy Lee performs in a heavy modal voice to capture intensity and power. Many popular songs such as ‘Rolling In The Deep’ by Adele and ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ by Pink use this technique. Learn more about Heavy Modal technique here.

Vocal distortion used in this song adds an edge to her sound, a technique commonly employed in rock music. Vocal distortion can also be heard in songs like ‘Given Up’ by Linkin Park and ‘Before I Forget’ by Slipknot. Refer to this article on singing with Vocal Distortion to better understand this technique.

Training and Practice

Prioritize warming up your voice before you start singing. Begin with 3-minute warm up, followed by practicing the heavy modal voice using the pitch training tool.

To improve vocal distortion, you can follow this Growl Exercise on YouTube. Remember, it takes time to master these techniques, so be patient and keep practicing.

Performing ‘Thoughtless’

Use the song as an opportunity to learn about conveying emotion and storytelling in your performance. Actively expressing the emotions prevalent in the song while maintaining correct vocal techniques is a core part of a successful rendition.

Overcoming stage fright and tips for performing on stage can help you deliver a confident performance.


‘Thoughtless’ is an excellent song to practice your contemporary vocal techniques and emotional delivery. Remember, learning a new song effectively takes consistent practice, patience, and a focus on technique. Use tools available at Singing Carrots, such as the vocal pitch monitor and the singing course, to make your learning experience much smoother.