How to Learn Singing “Tied Together With a Smile” from Taylor Swift

Learning to Sing “Tied Together With a Smile” by Taylor Swift

“Tied Together With a Smile” is a beautiful song by Taylor Swift that requires mastery of singing intimate and emotional words with a country-pop flavor. The song is known for its meticulous enunciation and soft vocal twang.

Step 1: Understanding the Song

Before practicing the song, it’s crucial to understand the lyrics and emotions to emote them effectively while singing.

Step 2: Analyze Your Voice

Take the Vocal range test to determine your vocal range. Compare your range with Taylor Swift’s vocal range to discover the overlaps and differences.

Step 3: Vocal Twang

The unique vocal technique in this song is the use of Twang, a country singing style. Taylor’s outstanding control over twang not only shapes the texture of her voice but also adds an emotional depth to her singing. Practicing Twang can improve your control and enunciation. Try singing popular Taylor Swift songs like “Love Story” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” as they also use this technique heavily.

Step 4: Articulation

Improve your articulation to pronounce words clearly, mimicking Swift’s enunciation style, by exercises such as ‘Finger Bite’.

Step 5: Breath Control

Proper breath support is crucial since this song requires long sustained notes. Exercises such as ‘Farinelli Breathing’ can help refine breath control.

Step 6: Practice Regularly

To enhance your singing, maintain a regular practice routine. Use the Pitch Training tool and other Educational Singing Courses to keep your practice focused and varied.

Remember, singing is all about expression and connection. Have fun exploring your voice!