How to Learn Singing “Tightrope” from The Greatest Showman

How to Learn Singing “Tightrope” from The Greatest Showman

Singing songs from musicals can be a thrilling and transformative experience. One such captivating song is “Tightrope” from the movie The Greatest Showman. This empowering anthem showcases the unique vocal technique of belting, a powerful and resonant style of singing. It’s a technique used by many popular artists, such as Beyoncé in “Listen” and Christina Aguilera in “Fighter.”

1. Analyze Your Voice

Before diving into learning “Tightrope,” it’s important to understand your own voice. Take the Vocal range test to determine your vocal range and identify the suitable key for the song.

2. Warm-up and Breathing

Proper warm-up and breathing exercises are essential for vocal health and control. Follow the pitch training program to improve your breath support and vocal agility.

3. Study the Song

Listen to the original song multiple times and study its structure, dynamics, and phrasing. Pay attention to how the lyrics and melody resonate together.

4. Practice Vocal Technique

One of the key elements of “Tightrope” is the use of belting. To master this technique, watch the Mixed Voice and Twang exercises provided by Singing Carrots. These exercises will help you develop the power and resonance required for belting.

5. Work on Articulation

Paying attention to articulation is crucial for delivering the lyrics clearly. Practice the Finger Bite exercise to improve your diction and precision.

6. Performance Tips

Preparing for a performance is important to deliver a memorable rendition. Follow the tips given in the Singing Carrots blog posts on learning a song effectively, tips for performing on stage, and how to overcome stage fright.


“Tightrope” from The Greatest Showman is an electrifying song that allows you to showcase your vocal prowess through the belting technique. By using the resources and tips provided by Singing Carrots, you can effectively learn and master this song. So, step onto the tightrope and let your voice soar!