How to Learn Singing “Times Are Hard for Dreamers” from Amélie: The Musical

How to Learn Singing “Times Are Hard for Dreamers” from Amélie: The Musical

Are you a fan of Amélie: The Musical? Do you find yourself captivated by the beautiful and haunting song “Times Are Hard for Dreamers”? If so, you might be wondering how to learn and master this song. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning and singing “Times Are Hard for Dreamers” while highlighting the unique vocal techniques used in the song.

The Unique Vocal Technique

“Times Are Hard for Dreamers” showcases a delicate and ethereal vocal style. The song requires control over breath support and the ability to sing with emotional depth. It also incorporates several key vocal techniques, including:

  • Legato: Maintaining a smooth and connected vocal line throughout the song is essential. Focus on sustaining each note without any breaks or interruptions.
  • Phrasing: Pay attention to the lyrics and their natural flow. Emphasize the musical punctuation to create expressive and meaningful phrases.
  • Dynamic Contrast: “Times Are Hard for Dreamers” requires the ability to switch between soft, gentle passages and more powerful moments. Practice controlling your volume and intensity to convey the emotional journey of the song.
  • Vibrato: Incorporate controlled and subtle vibrato to add warmth and richness to your voice. It adds a touch of vulnerability and enhances the emotional impact of the song.

Songs with Similar Vocal Techniques

If you enjoy singing “Times Are Hard for Dreamers,” you might also appreciate other songs that showcase similar vocal techniques. Here are a few suggestions:

  • “Waving Through a Window” from Dear Evan Hansen
  • “She Used to Be Mine” from Waitress
  • “On My Own” from Les Misérables
  • “No Day But Today” from Rent

Practical Advice

To effectively learn and sing “Times Are Hard for Dreamers,” consider following these practical tips:

  • Analyze your voice to determine your vocal range and identify the areas you need to focus on.
  • Understand your voice type by reading
    Voice Types
    to tailor the song to your voice’s strengths.
  • Master the basics of breathing by exploring
    Breathing Basics
    Breath Support.
  • Learn how to open your mouth and throat while singing by following the guidance in
    Open Mouth & Throat.
  • Learn a song effectively by practicing in small sections, focusing on lyrics, and paying attention to musicality.
  • Avoid constrictions in your singing by understanding the importance of breath support as discussed in
    Avoiding Constrictions.
  • Consider taking Singing Carrots’ Educational Singing Course to enhance your vocal skills and learn comprehensive vocal techniques.


Singing Carrots provides a range of tools that can aid your journey in learning and mastering “Times Are Hard for Dreamers”: