How to Learn Singing “To Be Loved” from Adele

Learning to Sing ‘To Be Loved’ by Adele

When you’re in the process of learning to sing a challenging piece like ‘To Be Loved’ by Adele, attention to the unique vocal technique employed in the song is essential. Apart from emotive delivery and chesty belting, an important technique to note in this remarkable ballad is ‘Settling into the breath.’ It is used throughout the song, and it can also be heard in other popular songs by artists like Beyoncé and Sam Smith.

What is ‘Settling into the breath’?

‘Settling into the breath’ pertains to a controlled delivery of a phrase with an adequate amount of breath support, allowing for raw emotion and vocal power to be expressed effortlessly. It’s a delicate blend of pitch accuracy and breath control, which is essential for the correct delivery of the lyrics and melody. For a closer look at this technique, read the article on breath support.

Learn ‘To Be Loved’: Step by Step

Step 1: Understand Your Voice

Before you can begin to learn the song, take time to understand your vocal range, style, and tendencies. Our Vocal Range Test and article on Voice types will be helpful tools to get started.

Step 2: Learn the Melody

Make use of our Vocal Pitch Monitor tool to visually track the notes you’re singing. This can significantly improve your pitch accuracy.

Step 3: Master the Breath Control

Perform the Farinelli Breathing exercise to develop your breath control and support. Continually practicing it will allow for a more comfortable understanding and application of the technique in the song.

Step 4: Practice the Song

Once you are familiar with the melody and have improved your breath control, you can start practicing the song in its entirety. Remember to use our techniques on how to learn a song effectively.

Step 5: Get Feedback

After multiple practice iterations, you may want to assess your pitch accuracy using our Pitch Accuracy Test.

Further Exploration

If you’ve mastered ‘To Be Loved’, you can further challenge yourself by tackling other songs featuring similar vocal techniques. Use our Song Search feature to find songs within your vocal range that strand similar complexity and style.

Happy singing!