How to Learn Singing “Touch the Sky” from Brave

How to Learn Singing “Brave – Touch the Sky”

Learning to sing a specific song can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. In this article, we will explore how to learn singing “Brave – Touch the Sky” and highlight the unique vocal technique used in the song. We will also mention other popular songs that employ similar techniques. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Song

“Brave – Touch the Sky” is a powerful and uplifting song that requires a combination of vocal skills to truly bring it to life. The song showcases a blend of pop and folk elements, incorporating strong belting and expressive vocal techniques.

Key Vocal Technique: Belting

One of the standout vocal techniques used in “Brave – Touch the Sky” is belting. Belting is a powerful singing technique that involves singing in a strong and resonant chest voice, typically in the higher part of your vocal range. It adds a sense of intensity and emotional depth to the song.

Belting is not limited to “Brave – Touch the Sky.” It is a technique commonly used in other popular songs like “Defying Gravity” from the musical “Wicked” and “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. Mastering this technique will not only help you excel in “Brave – Touch the Sky” but also in a wide range of other songs.

Practical Tips for Learning the Song

  1. Listen and Study: Begin by listening to the original recording of “Brave – Touch the Sky” to familiarize yourself with the melody, phrasing, and overall feel of the song. Pay attention to how the singer delivers the powerful belting moments and try to capture the same energy in your own performance.
  2. Aim for Breath Support: Adequate breath support is crucial for achieving strong and resonant belting. Practice deep and controlled breathing exercises to develop your breath support. Our article on breath support can provide you with valuable insights and exercises to strengthen this skill.
  3. Finding Your Vocal Range: Before attempting “Brave – Touch the Sky,” it’s important to determine your vocal range. Use our Vocal Range Test to identify your high and low notes. This will help you understand which sections of the song may require adjustments or modifications to suit your voice.
  4. Warm Up and Vocal Exercises: Prior to singing “Brave – Touch the Sky,” warm up your voice with vocal exercises. Our Pitch Training tool offers interactive warm-ups and exercises specifically designed to enhance your vocal range, agility, and pitch accuracy.
  5. Maintain Good Posture: Proper posture is essential for optimal vocal performance. Your posture affects your breath support, vocal resonance, and overall vocal control. Check out our article on how posture affects your singing to learn more about the importance of maintaining good posture while singing.
  6. Record and Evaluate: Record yourself singing “Brave – Touch the Sky” and listen back to assess your performance. Pay attention to areas where you can improve, such as breath control, vocal clarity, and emotional expression. Use this feedback to refine your interpretation of the song.

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