How to Learn Singing “Touch Too Much” from AC/DC

Learning to Sing “Touch Too Much” by AC/DC

“Touch Too Much” is a classic rock track by AC/DC characterized by its powerful vocals that exemplify the heavy modal technique. This vocal mechanism amplifies the natural voice, making it suitable for rock and other genres requiring a robust, edgy sound. Also used in songs like “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin and “Dream On” by Aerosmith, heavy modal technique offers a great tone without straining the voice.

Starting with understanding your voice is crucial. Once you identify your vocal range and compare it to that of Brian Johnson, you can explore if you’ll need to adjust the key for comfortable singing.

Emulating Johnson’s distinctive vocal texture may tempt you to strain your voice which can be damaging. Learning to sing with a distorted effect safely is essential. Incorporate vocal exercises like voice breaks and singing comfort zones to manage register shifts and maintain vocal health.

Another feature of Johnson’s singing is his pronounced articulation, making lyrics clear even in high-energy moments. To practice this, try the ‘Finger Bite’ articulation exercise.

To sustain long and powerful notes, develop your breathing technique. The ‘Farinelli Breathing’ exercise can help improve your breath control.

Your posture also contributes to your breath management and resonance. This ‘Good Singing Posture’ video can guide you on proper posture.

As you try to emulate the original, remember the importance of staying true to your authentic voice. Emulating is learning, but impersonation can hinder your unique sound.

Above all, signing up for the Singing Carrots Course can provide a systematic approach to developing your singing skills. Combine that with interactive drills to reinforce your learning.

Good luck in your journey on mastering “Touch Too Much”!