How to Learn Singing “Two Birds” from Regina Spektor

Decoding and Singing: “Two Birds” by Regina Spektor

“Two Birds” by Regina Spektor is a beautiful song that offers an opportunity to work on some unique vocal techniques. Let’s break it down into easy steps and understand how to leverage Singing Carrots’ resources for a fun learning experience.

Understanding the Song

First, take some time to understand the song: its emotional content, its story. This will help you presented it more authentically and connect to the audience. Read our article “How to find your own authentic voice“, for helpful tips.

Vocal Analysis

Before you dive right into singing, find your comfort zone. Make sure you know your vocal range. Take our vocal range test. It will help you understand how well you can sing the song’s notes. If the song is within your vocal range, great! If not, do not be discouraged. You can always adjust the song to fit your vocal capabilities.

Unique Vocal Technique: Staccato

Regina Spektor’s singing style frequently revolves around a specific technique: Staccato. Staccato requires the singer to hold each note briefly creating a distinct separation. It allows every word — and every nuance behind them — to shine through.

Some popular songs where staccato is notably used include “Skyfall” by Adele and “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Working on this technique enables you to sing a wide range of songs with relative ease.

Start Singing “Two Birds”

Begin by humming the song softly to get a feel of its rhythm and flow. Use our humming warm-up video to start this efficiently. Once you are familiar with the melody, progress to singing the lyrics. While singing, pay close attention to the staccato execution in the song.


Since staccato requires clarity of each note and syllable, good articulation is key. Exercise your articulation by using our Finger Bite exercise. This will help you pronounce each word clearly, enhancing your overall performance.

Pitch Accuracy

Ensure your singing matches the pitch of the song. Use our pitch accuracy test to measure how well you’re hitting the right notes. Regular practice with the tool will significantly improve your tuning.


Understanding and incorporating a new technique into your singing requires practice. Don’t rush! Practice singing “Two Birds” regularly and record your singing to monitor your progress.

Remember to Warm Down!

After rigorous practice, give your vocal cords some rest. Warm down exercises help soothe the vocal cords and mitigate the risk of any damage. This three-minute warm down video is perfect to end your practice session.

In conclusion, sing with heart and precision, practice, and enjoy the process! You’re on your way to mastering “Two Birds” by Regina Spektor.