How to Learn Singing “Under the Westway” from Blur

Mastering “Under the Westway” by Blur

“Under the Westway” by Blur is a brilliant song that is deeply emotive and showcases a unique vocal technique – gravelly yet clear vocal distortion. To master it, you’ll need to break it down and comprehend its unique elements.

Understand Your Voice

Before you start, it’s crucial to understand your own voice. Use our vocal range test to see if you can comfortably reach the notes in “Under the Westway”. Once you’ve understood your voice, you can smoothly transition to working on the song.

Working on Vocal Distortion

The essence of the song comes in its gravelly yet articulate vocal technique. Vocal distortion, the technique used here, is a unique style where the vocalist incorporates a gritty or scratchy tone. You can learn more about it via our article on vocal distortion and growling. Practice with our growling exercise to help you achieve this.

Learn the Song Effectively

Once you are acquainted with your voice and have grasped the vocal distortion technique, you will need to learn and master the song. Our guide on how to learn a song effectively will come in handy here.

Practice Regularly

Mastery comes with consistent practice. Start with simple warm-up exercises such as 3-minute warmup and then practice “Under the Westway” while using our Vocal Pitch Monitor to keep track of your pitch accuracy.

Other songs with Vocal Distortion

Vocal distortion is present in various genres of music. Some songs like “Given Up” by Linkin Park, “Scream” by Chris Cornell and “Hard to Handle” by The Black Crowes also use a similar technique.

Final Thoughts

Singing “Under the Westway” is a journey, and exciting one at that. Understanding your voice, learning to distort it, learning the song, and practicing it consistently will go a long way in helping you master this gem by Blur. Get started today and have fun on your journey!