How to Learn Singing “Urgent” from Foreigner

How to Learn Singing “Urgent” by Foreigner

Learning to sing a particular song can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore how to learn and perform “Urgent” by Foreigner. This iconic rock song showcases powerful vocals and a unique vocal technique commonly known as belting. We will discuss the vocal technique used in “Urgent,” provide practical advice on learning the song effectively, and highlight relevant resources from Singing Carrots to aid you in your singing journey.

The Unique Vocal Technique in “Urgent”

“Urgent” is known for its dynamic and soaring vocal melodies, which are achieved through the use of belting. Belting is a technique where singers transition from their lower vocal range to a powerful and resonant high range, creating a powerful and expressive sound. This technique is commonly used in rock and pop genres to convey intense emotions and capture the listener’s attention.

Practical Advice for Learning “Urgent”

To effectively learn and sing “Urgent” by Foreigner, follow these practical tips:

  1. Start by analyzing your voice and identifying your vocal range. Use the Vocal Range Test from Singing Carrots to determine your range and compare it with famous singers.
  2. Warm up your voice and practice proper breathing techniques. Check out the Breathing Basics article on Singing Carrots to learn more about active and passive breathing and how it can improve your vocal performance.
  3. Listen to the original recording of “Urgent” multiple times to familiarize yourself with the melody, lyrics, and overall structure of the song. This will help you internalize the song and understand its nuances.
  4. Break down the song into smaller sections and practice each section individually. Use the Pitch Training exercises on Singing Carrots to improve your pitch accuracy and vocal control.
  5. Pay attention to the belting sections of the song. Practice transitioning smoothly from your chest voice to your head voice, gradually increasing the power and intensity as you reach the higher notes. Singing Carrots offers a helpful video on Mixed Voice that will guide you through the process of developing a strong and seamless vocal transition.
  6. Record yourself singing “Urgent” and listen to the playback. Take note of areas where you can improve and adjust your technique accordingly. Singing Carrots provides a handy Vocal Pitch Monitor tool that visually displays your sung notes on a virtual piano, helping you observe your pitch accuracy.
  7. Refer to the Singing Carrots Song Search feature to find other songs that require a similar vocal technique. This will expand your repertoire and strengthen your vocal skills by practicing different styles and genres.


Learning to sing “Urgent” by Foreigner can be an exciting journey. By understanding and incorporating the belting technique into your performance, practicing regularly, and utilizing the Singing Carrots resources mentioned above, you can master this iconic rock song. Remember to have fun and let your voice shine as you embrace the challenge of learning and performing “Urgent.”