How to Learn Singing “Use Somebody” from Kings of Leon

How to Learn Singing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon

Singing a song like “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon requires a combination of vocal techniques, emotion, and practice. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning and mastering this popular song.

Understanding the Unique Vocal Technique

“Use Somebody” showcases a powerful and soulful vocal style, often associated with the genre of alternative rock. One of the standout vocal techniques used in this song is belting. Belting is a technique where singers use their chest voice to produce strong, resonant, and often higher-pitched notes. This technique adds intensity and emotion to the performance, allowing the singer to express the song’s raw emotions.

Belting is not exclusive to “Use Somebody” but is commonly used in many popular songs across various genres. You can find this technique in songs like “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele, “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, and “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

Practical Advice for Learning the Song

Here are some practical tips to help you learn and sing “Use Somebody” effectively:

  1. Start with a Vocal Range Test: Before you begin learning the song, it’s essential to know your vocal range. Take the Vocal Range Test on Singing Carrots (link) to determine your range and compare it with famous singers.
  2. Listen and Analyze: Begin by listening to the original song closely. Pay attention to the melody, phrasing, and emotion conveyed by the vocalist. This will help you understand the song’s structure and vocal nuances.
  3. Warm-up and Breath Support: Proper warm-up exercises are crucial for vocal health and performance. Use the techniques in the article “Breathing basics” on Singing Carrots (link) to develop breath support and control.
  4. Practice with Vocal Pitch Monitor: Singing Carrots offers a Vocal Pitch Monitor tool (link) that visualizes your sung notes on a virtual piano. Use this tool to practice pitch accuracy and improve your overall performance.
  5. Focus on Belting Technique: Work on strengthening your chest voice and incorporating belting into the song. Singing Carrots’ article on “Contemporary vocal techniques: Heavy modal, Twang, Belting” (link) provides helpful insights and exercises to develop your belting technique.
  6. Learn from Vocal Registers & Vocal Break Article: Understanding the different vocal registers and how to navigate the vocal break is essential for singing songs like “Use Somebody.” Read the article on Singing Carrots about “Voice registers & vocal break” (link) to gain a better understanding of these concepts.
  7. Use Singing Carrots’ Song Search: Find songs similar to “Use Somebody” that match your vocal range and genre preference. Singing Carrots’ Song search feature (link) will help you discover songs that suit your voice.
  8. Track your Progress: Utilize Singing Carrots’ Progress Statistics feature to monitor your improvement as you practice and master “Use Somebody.” Tracking your progress will motivate you and help you see your growth as a singer.
  9. Consider Taking a Singing Course: If you’re serious about improving your singing skills, Singing Carrots offers an educational singing course (link) that covers singing theory and practical tips. This course can provide you with a structured learning experience and further enhance your abilities.

Learning and mastering “Use Somebody” requires time, patience, and consistent practice. By incorporating the vocal techniques mentioned above and utilizing the resources available on Singing Carrots, you’ll be on your way to delivering a powerful and memorable performance of this beloved song.