How to Learn Singing “Vanilla Twilight” from Owl City

Mastering “Vanilla Twilight” by Owl City

“Vanilla Twilight” by Owl City is known for its airy falsetto and smooth transitions between vocal registers. The key to having an outstanding performance of this song is mastering the control over your vocal break and creating dreamy falsetto.

Understanding the Song

The first step to singing “Vanilla Twilight” well is to understand the melody and rhythm. We recommend using our Song Search tool, where you can find this song suitable to your voice range. Take time to listen to the song several times until you can replicate the melody accurately.

Mastering Vocal Registers

One prominent technique in “Vanilla Twilight” is the use of falsetto to create an airy, dreamy effect. This technique is often used in pop music by many artists, such as Justin Bieber in “Where Are U Now” and Justin Timberlake in “Mirrors”. To understand more about voice registers and vocal break, refer to this article.

Try practicing vocal break control with our Voice Break video. You can also use this Mixed Voice video to help ease transitions from chest voice to head voice and vice versa.

Practicing Falsetto

Using falsetto effectively requires a good understanding of your voice type and range. We suggest doing a Vocal Range Test to better understand your capabilities. If your natural voice range does not include the required high notes, practicing your head voice and falsetto will help.

Polishing the Performance

Once you have mastered the vocal techniques needed, it’s time to polish your performance elements such as vibrato and emotional expression. You can find more on these in our vibrato and expressive singing articles. Also, our Stage Tips video might be helpful for nailing the performance of this song.

We have a variety of Pitch Training exercises that can aid with melody accuracy and pitch control.

Remember to Enjoy!

Singing should be an enjoyable activity. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – take breaks, continue learning and most importantly, have fun!