How to Learn Singing “Virtuoso” from Black Violin

Mastering “Virtuoso” by Black Violin

Black Violin’s “Virtuoso” is a captivating blend of violin and hip-hop beats, complemented by soulful vocal power on display. Singing this song demands a deep understanding of vocal techniques such as “twang” and “belt.”

Understanding Twang and Belt

Twang is a vocal technique celebrating a bright, sharp, and cutting sound, adding strength to the vocal tone without straining vocal cords. More popular in country and rock music, it’s used in pop music too. Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” utilizes twang.

Belting, on the other hand, is a high-energy vocal technique using your chest voice to hit higher pitches. Think Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” for a belting reference.

Learning Virtuoso

Start with understanding your own vocal ability. The vocal range test helps you identify your range and choose the song’s key comfortably. Remember to manage breath effectively and ensure proper mouth and throat opening.

Once you understand the unique vocal techniques used, watch this video to practice your twang and this video to work on your chest voice.

Remember, the point is not to imitate, but to understand the techniques used and apply them authentically in your singing.

Sing it!

Using the vocal pitch monitor, sing along with “Virtuoso,” monitoring your pitch accuracy. Remember, quality practice is key to improvement – don’t be discouraged if it’s not perfect at first.

Check out our song search feature to find other songs that allow you to practice these vocal techniques.

Singing “Virtuoso” can be challenging but rewarding. Always remember to enjoy the process of learning and singing. Your confidence and passion will shine through in your performance!