How to Learn Singing “Walking In My Shoes” from Depeche Mode

Learning ‘Walking In My Shoes’ by Depeche Mode: A Journey with Vocal Distortion

Depeche Mode’s ‘Walking In My Shoes’, uses a distinctive vocal style—Vocal Distortion. This article provides a detailed process to learn the song, focusing on its unique vocal technique. Here is a primer on Vocal Distortion.

Analyze the Song & Your Voice

Begin by analyzing the song, its lyrics, rhythm, and melody. Use our Song Search Tool to find the song’s key and vocal range. Compare this range with your own, using our Vocal Range Test, and find out which famous singers match your range here. Read more about analyzing your voice here.

Warm-up & Begin Practicing

Try the 3 Minute Warm Up to prepare your voice. Begin practicing with our Pitch Training Game to improve your pitch accuracy.

Learn Vocal Distortion

Now, the interesting part—Vocal Distortion. It enriches your voice with a slightly ‘dirty’, ‘raspy’ tone. This technique has been used in other songs like ‘Give In to Me’ by Michael Jackson, and ‘Because the Night’ by Patti Smith. Learn this technique from our article here.

Finishing Touches

After perfecting the Vocal Distortion technique, pay attention to your articulation. This article provides valuable tips and practice exercises like the Finger Bite.

Close this journey with a performance. Managing stage-fright is crucial, learn how to overcome it here.

Remember, practice, patience, and persistence are key. May your journey with ‘Walking In My Shoes’ lead you to uncharted territories of your voice.