How to Learn Singing “Watermelon Sugar” from Harry Styles

Learning to sing a particular song can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore how to learn to sing “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles. This song showcases Harry’s unique vocal style and offers a great opportunity to practice various singing techniques.

Before diving into the specific techniques used in this song, it’s important to have a solid foundation in singing. If you’re new to singing or want to brush up on the basics, I highly recommend checking out the Singing Carrots educational singing course. This comprehensive program covers singing theory and provides practical tips to help you improve your singing skills.

Now let’s talk about the unique vocal technique showcased in “Watermelon Sugar.” Harry Styles incorporates a mix of pop and jazz singing styles in this song. The vocal technique known as “belting” is particularly prominent in his performance. Belting is a powerful singing technique used to convey strength and intensity. It involves singing in a higher vocal register with a full and resonant tone.

If you’re not familiar with belting or want to improve your technique, I recommend reading the Singing Carrots article on contemporary vocal techniques: heavy modal, twang, and belting. This article provides valuable insights into the mechanics of belting and offers exercises to help you develop this technique.

Now, let’s explore other popular songs that incorporate belting. One notable example is “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. In this song, Adele showcases her powerful belting technique throughout the chorus, creating a sense of raw emotion and intensity. Another example is “Raise Your Glass” by P!nk, where she demonstrates her impressive belting skills, adding an energetic and engaging element to the song.

When learning to sing “Watermelon Sugar,” it’s essential to pay attention to breath support and control. Adequate breath support is crucial for executing the belting technique effectively. To improve your breath support, I recommend reading the Singing Carrots article on breath support and practicing the suggested exercises.

In addition to mastering the belting technique, it’s important to pay attention to other aspects of singing, such as pitch accuracy and vocal range. Singing Carrots provides a variety of tools to help you develop your skills in these areas. I recommend using the Vocal Range Test to determine your vocal range and compare it with famous singers. This can help you understand where your voice stands in relation to the vocal range required for “Watermelon Sugar.”

Furthermore, the Pitch Accuracy Test is a valuable tool to assess and improve your pitch accuracy. By practicing with this test, you can develop a better sense of pitch and hit the right notes effortlessly.

For visual feedback on your singing, the Vocal Pitch Monitor is an excellent resource. By using this tool, you can see your sung notes displayed on a virtual piano, making it easier to identify any pitch inconsistencies and work on improving them.

Finally, to enhance your overall singing skills, I recommend exploring the Singing Carrots pitch training program. This program provides interactive vocal warm-ups, a pitch visualizer, and exercises designed to improve your vocal range and agility.

In conclusion, learning to sing “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles is an exciting journey that allows you to explore the belting technique and incorporate various singing skills. By leveraging the resources and practical advice provided by Singing Carrots, you can develop the necessary techniques and techniques to confidently sing this song. So grab your headphones, warm up your vocal cords, and dive into the world of “Watermelon Sugar”!