How to Learn Singing “Wellerman” from

Learning to Sing “Wellerman”

The engaging sea shanty “Wellerman” presents an opportunity to exercise your vocal range and pitch accuracy. First, identify your vocal capacity using the Vocal range test. Next, focus on your pitch accuracy by using the Pitch accuracy test. This song uses a modal voice register and challenges your mid to high-mid range tones.

Embracing a Modal Voice Register

Wellerman exhibits the use of the modal voice, the most common vocal register. It is a blend of chest and head voice resulting in a mix of resonance from both areas. Understanding Voice registers & vocal break can be helpful in effectively employing your modal voice.

Using Resonance in Singing

Resonance is all about using your body to amplify the sound. To truly nail the song, you need to maximize resonance by keeping your throat open, which can be learned from our article – Open mouth & throat.

Incorporating Vibrato

Vibrato, a slight fluctuation in pitch, is frequently used throughout the song. Our guide to Singing with Vibrato explains how to control your vibrato.

Ensuring Accurate Articulation

The rhythmic pattern in “Wellerman” calls for clear articulation. Practicing the Finger Bite exercise can help you nail the diction.

Final Steps

Once you’ve mastered the techniques, practice with our Vocal Pitch Monitor and play the Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game to perfect your performance. Consider exploring the Educational singing course for extensive singing lessons.

Congratulations on your journey to mastering “Wellerman”. Remember that practice makes perfect. Happy Singing!