How to Learn Singing “What Baking Can Do” from Waitress: The Musical

Learning to Sing ‘What Baking Can Do’ from ‘Waitress: The Musical’

‘What Baking Can Do’ is a delightful piece that demands strong articulation, a mix of register transitions, and a dollop of twang. While tackling these components, reference articles on Articulation, Voice Registers, and Twang can be incredibly helpful.


The stylistic fast lyrics throughout ‘What Baking Can Do’ demand clear articulation. Practice with the Finger Bite exercise to work on the muscularity of your speech while singing.

Vocal Registers

The song requires frequent transitions from chest to head voice, especially evident when the melody leaps to higher registers. Equip yourself with Chest Voice Explained, Voice Break, and Mixed Voice videos to blend the shifts smoothly.


The twang technique characterizes Broadway musical style, including in ‘What Baking Can Do.’ Learn more with the How to Twang Exercise to achieve that bright, clear tone, and consistent volume.

Songs like ‘Defying Gravity’ from the musical ‘Wicked’ and ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ from ‘Funny Girl’ also widely use the twang technique.

Preparing to Sing the Song

Before jumping into the song, test your vocal range and pitch accuracy. Practice basic breathing exercises like Farinelli Breathing to ensure proper breath support. Warm-up essential muscles with exercises like Humming.

Next Steps

After understanding the technical intricacies, employ a step-by-step approach to learn the song as recommended in How to Learn a Song Effectively. Assign sections of the song to practice daily while maintaining a sustained vocal approach, keeping the voice healthy.

Monitor your progress with the Vocal Pitch Monitor and continue practicing with the Interactive Vocal Warm-up and Pitch Training game to enhance marginally every day.