How to Learn Singing “What I Did for Love” from A Chorus Line

Learning to Sing ‘What I Did for Love’ from A Chorus Line

‘What I Did for Love’ is a song that requires intense emotion and a grasp of the mixed voice technique. Let’s break down how to approach learning this classic song.

Understanding the Song

First and foremost, understanding the context, mood, and message of the song is critical. The song comes from the heartfelt place of a performer willing to sacrifice anything for their love of the stage. It’s a poignant, raw, and emotionally charged song.

Check out this article on singing with emotion for tips on connecting with the essential emotions of the piece.

Vocal Technique: Mixed Voice

The singing technique required for this song is the mixed voice, which combines the strength of chest voice and the head voice’s lightness. This combination creates a rich, resonant sound, particularly suitable for the emotional context of this song. Other popular songs that use this technique include Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’ and Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

For a more detailed understanding of how to achieve mixed voice, refer to these articles on voice registers and resonance in singing. Further, our video exercises on Mixed Voice and Voice Breaks, will guide your practice.

Practical Steps

Begin your training by testing your vocal range and pitch accuracy. These tests provide an understanding of your current skill level and guide the song learning process.

Next, watching a Singing Comfort Zone video can help you understand how to tackle the challenging high and low notes in the song. Remember the importance of proper breath support and maintaining an open mouth and throat.

You may also benefit from a vocal warm-up video, like this 3 Minute Warm Up, before getting into song practice. Additionally, for any constrictions encountered during practice, refer to this piece on avoiding constrictions.

To consolidate your learning, check out Singing Carrots interactive pitch training, which offers warm-ups and exercises for range and agility, crucial for mastering ‘What I Did for Love’.

Monitoring Progress

Measure your progress using the Singing Carrots Vocal Pitch Monitor. This tool allows you to notice your ongoing improvements and adjust areas that need more focus.

Lastly, remember that learning to sing a song like ‘What I did for Love’ is a journey— patience, practice, and love for singing will guide you towards your goal. Happy singing!