How to Learn Singing “What You Want” from Evanescence

Learning to Sing ‘What You Want’ by Evanescence

‘What You Want’ by Evanescence is a powerful song, particularly due to Amy Lee’s soaring vocals. The key technique used in this song is Belting, where the singer pushes their chest voice above its natural limit.

This technique is also commonly used in pop/rock songs like ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele or ‘Since U Been Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson.

Understanding Your Voice

Prior to learning the song, it’s important to grasp a good understanding of one’s own voice. Use the Vocal range test to know your vocal range, followed by the Pitch accuracy test to understand your pitch accuracy.

Read the article on Voice types to comprehend your voice classification which helps you to align with songs closest to your natural vocal style.

Practicing the Song

To learn the song effectively, begin with warming up your voice. Once warmed up, start practicing the song in sections, repeating phrases and tackling difficult parts slowly.

The Vocal Pitch Monitor tool can be beneficial to visualize the pitch you’re hitting versus the original pitch of the song. Remember, don’t strain your voice. Learn more about breath support to manage long phrases and maintain vocal health.

Mastering Belting

Belting can be challenging to master and can strain your voice if done incorrectly. Read this article on contemporary vocal techniques to learn it properly. Other resourceful tools that aid practicing belting are the singing course and the pitch training game, particularly exercises targeting high notes.

While practicing, make sure to maintain open mouth and throat technique and avoid constriction. Refer to the articles on how to open mouth and throat and avoiding constrictions respectively.


Mastering ‘What You Want’ can be an exhilarating experience if approached systematically. Use Singing Carrots resources to assist you, and remember, the ultimate goal is to find pleasure in singing, so enjoy the process!