How to Learn Singing “When I Grow Up (Reprise)” from Matilda: The Musical

Learning to Sing ‘When I Grow Up (Reprise)’ from Matilda: The Musical

The song ‘When I Grow Up (Reprise)’ from Matilda: The Musical requires the ability to convey emotional depth while maintaining great breath control. One noticeable technique used in this song is voice registers, specifically a switch from chest voice to head voice.

Step 1: Understanding Your Voice

Identify your voice type and vocal range using Singing Carrots’ online tests.

Step 2: Master the Lyrics and Melody

Start by learning the song effectively. You can also practice with Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training tool to enhance your musicality.

Step 3: Manage Your Breath Effectively

Understand the basics of breathing and the art of resonance in singing. Practicing singing exercises that enhance breath control like the Farinelli Breathing can be highly beneficial.

Step 4: Learn to Transition Between Vocal Registers

This song requires seamless transitions from chest voice to head voice. Mastering this skill requires understanding voice registers and practicing with exercises like Voice Break and Mixed Voice.

Step 5: Perform the Song

Mastering a song also involves overcoming stage fright and understanding performance techniques. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to visualize and optimize your song performance.


Remember, singing is about conveying emotions and telling a story. So, don’t forget to connect with the lyrics. The same vocal techniques used in ‘When I Grow Up (Reprise)’ are employed in various other songs across genres, such as ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen and ‘Chasing Pavements’ by Adele. Happy singing!