How to Learn Singing “When You’re Good to Mama” from Chicago

How to Learn Singing “When You’re Good to Mama” from Chicago

Learning to sing a particular song can be both challenging and rewarding. In this article, we will explore how to learn the song “When You’re Good to Mama” from the musical Chicago. We will highlight the unique vocal technique used in this song and mention other popular songs that utilize similar techniques. Throughout the article, we will provide practical advice and incorporate relevant resources from Singing Carrots to aid in your learning journey.

Song Overview

“When You’re Good to Mama” is a character-driven song performed by the character Matron “Mama” Morton in the musical Chicago. The song showcases the character’s confident and sultry demeanor. It is a captivating and fun number that requires strong vocal control and a mastery of the musical theater style.

Unique Vocal Technique: Belting

The standout vocal technique used in “When You’re Good to Mama” is belting. Belting is a powerful singing technique that emphasizes the chest voice, creating a strong and resonant sound. It is commonly employed in musical theater to convey intense emotions and add depth to a character’s performance. The belting technique allows singers to project their voice over the orchestra, creating a commanding presence on stage.

Other Songs Utilizing Belting

Belting is not exclusive to “When You’re Good to Mama.” Many other popular songs across various genres utilize this technique to create a powerful and impactful vocal performance. Some notable examples include:

  • “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls
  • “Defying Gravity” from Wicked
  • “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Funny Girl

Studying these songs in addition to “When You’re Good to Mama” will provide you with a broader understanding of belting and allow you to further develop your vocal skills.

Practical Advice for Learning the Song

Here are some practical tips to help you effectively learn and master “When You’re Good to Mama”:

  1. Analyze Your Voice: Before diving into the song, take the time to understand your voice type and vocal range. This will help you identify the best approach for singing the song and make appropriate adjustments.
  2. Breathing Basics: Breath support is crucial for sustaining notes and creating a powerful sound. Familiarize yourself with the basics of breathing for singing and practice exercises to improve your breath control.
  3. Study Vocal Registers & Break: Understanding your vocal registers and the concept of the vocal break is essential for executing the belting technique effectively. Explore Singing Carrots’ article on voice registers and vocal breaks for a comprehensive guide.
  4. Warm Up: Before attempting to sing the song, warm up your voice with vocal exercises specific to belting. Singing Carrots’ pitch training game can help you warm up your voice while improving pitch accuracy.
  5. Articulation and Expression: Pay attention to the song’s lyrics and work on articulating them clearly. Focus on delivering the character’s emotions and intentions through your performance.
  6. Record and Evaluate: Record yourself singing the song and evaluate your performance. Listen back to identify areas for improvement and apply the techniques discussed in Singing Carrots’ article on how to analyze your voice.

Relevant Singing Carrots Resources

Singing Carrots offers a range of resources to support your learning process for singing “When You’re Good to Mama” and other songs: