How to Learn Singing “Where It’s At” from Beck

How to Learn Singing “Where It’s At” by Beck

Learning to sing a specific song requires practice, technique, and a deep understanding of the music itself. In this article, we will dive into the process of learning to sing “Where It’s At” by Beck, a unique and iconic song that blends elements of various genres.

Background of the Song

“Where It’s At” is a popular song by Beck, released in 1996. It is known for its infectious groove, catchy lyrics, and experimental sound. The song incorporates elements of hip-hop, funk, and alternative rock, making it a challenging and exciting piece for singers to tackle.

Vocal Technique in “Where It’s At”

One of the unique vocal techniques used in “Where It’s At” is rap-like delivery. Beck’s singing style in this song combines melodic sections with rhythmic spoken-word verses. To master this technique, it is essential to achieve a sense of flow, maintain clear articulation, and syncopate with the music’s rhythm.

This vocal technique is also employed in other popular songs by artists like Eminem (“Lose Yourself”) and Kendrick Lamar (“HUMBLE”). Exploring the vocal styles of these artists can provide additional inspiration and insight into mastering the rap-like delivery.

Practical Advice

Here are some practical steps and Singing Carrots resources to help you learn and improve your singing of “Where It’s At”:

  1. Take our singing course: Singing Carrots offers an educational singing course that covers various vocal techniques, including rap-like delivery. This course provides valuable lessons and exercises to develop your skills and enhance your overall vocal performance.
  2. Learn effective song learning techniques: Read our article on how to effectively learn a song. It provides tips on breaking down the song into sections, focusing on lyrics and melody, and memorizing the song’s structure.
  3. Improve your articulation: Articulation is crucial when delivering spoken-word verses. Practice exercises like the “Finger Bite” exercise found in our articulation article to strengthen your diction and clarity.
  4. Utilize the Vocal Pitch Monitor: Singing Carrots’ Vocal Pitch Monitor is a helpful tool that visually displays your sung notes on a virtual piano. Use it to practice the melodies and ensure pitch accuracy in “Where It’s At.”
  5. Work on breath support: Mastering breath support is essential to deliver the rap-like verses with precision and control. Refer to our article on breath support for exercises and tips to improve your breathing technique.

Remember, learning a song takes time and dedication. Practice regularly, listen to the original recording of “Where It’s At” to familiarize yourself with the nuances, and experiment with your unique interpretation of the song.

Now, go ahead and search for songs that suit your vocal range, difficulty level, and genre preference. Singing Carrots has a vast collection of songs that can help you continue expanding your singing repertoire.