How to Learn Singing “Wherever He Ain’t” from Mack and Mabel

Learning to Sing “Wherever He Ain’t” from Mack & Mabel

“Wherever He Ain’t” from the musical Mack & Mabel requires a technique named Twang, often observed in Broadway belting and country music. Learn more about Twang here, or get straight into exercising with a practical video.

Analyzing the Song

First, perform a pitch accuracy test to recognize any potential weaknesses. Then, use the vocal pitch monitor and try to match the notes of the song.

Vocal Technique: Twang

To recreate the distinctive sound in “Wherever He Ain’t”, you will have to apply the Twang technique. This creates a bright, focused sound and increases your vocal power without straining your vocal cords. This technique can also be found in popular songs like “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton, or “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked.

Learning the Technique

The twang technique involves narrowing the epiglottic funnel, which enables you to belt out high notes with ease. Use this twang exercise video for practice.

Applying the Technique

While practicing “Wherever He Ain’t”, focus on applying the twang technique. A good exercise is to pick a challenging part of the song, slow it down, and sing it with the twang. Gradually increase your speed as you get comfortable.

Monitoring your Progress

Use vocal range test and pitch monitor regularly to observe your improvements.

Performing the Song

Finally, remember to open your mouth and throat while singing to achieve a more resonant sound. Then, add your own emotion and thinking to make the performance authentic. Read more on interpreting songs here.

Remember, patience and consistent practice are the key in mastering any song. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away. Happy practicing!