How to Learn Singing “While You Were Sleeping” from Casting Crowns

Mastering ‘While You Were Sleeping’ by Casting Crowns

If you are looking to learn ‘While You Were Sleeping’ by Casting Crowns, start by understanding and mastering the unique vocal technique used in the song: articulation. Articulation, in singing, is how clearly you pronounce the words of a song. Clear articulation can make your singing more enjoyable and the song’s message more impactful.

This song is in a pop/rock genre and is driven by the clarity of words, the message of the song, and the emotions evoked – all are dependent on good articulation. The vocal technique of articulation is also prominently used in popular songs such as ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen.

Learning the Song

To learn ‘While You Were Sleeping’ effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Listen to the song multiple times to get a feel for the melody and lyrics.
  2. Use the Song Search tool to find the sheet music and full lyrics for ‘While You Were Sleeping’.
  3. Practice the lyrics separately, focusing on clear pronunciation and articulation. Finger Bite is a great exercise for this.
  4. Train your pitch accuracy using Pitch Accuracy Test.
  5. Combine the lyrics with the melody. Remember to maintain good breath support and posture while singing. Practice using Vocal Pitch Monitor.

Techniques to Master

Remember to practice efficiently using the techniques discussed on Singing Carrots. This includes practicing in sections, slow repetition, and gradually increasing tempo. The right voice type and register is essential in singing any song effectively. In this song, using a mix of chest and head registers will yield the best results.

Avoid vocal injuries by warming up properly before every practice session using these warm up exercises. Also keep in mind to use good vowel formation techniques, and maintain relaxation in the neck, jaw, and shoulder areas throughout your practice.

Lastly, imbue your singing with emotion. ‘While You Were Sleeping’ is a deeply emotional song, and to convey its message successfully, you’ll need to engage your audience emotionally. Don’t be afraid to connect with the song and its lyrics, as described in this blog.

Remember, everyone has a unique voice. Enjoy the process of learning and performing!