How to Learn Singing “White Christmas” from Celtic Woman

“White Christmas” performed by Celtic Woman presents an opportunity to discuss a unique singing technique often incorporated in Celtic genres: the “soft onset.” This subtle but significant skill involves starting a note with a gentle, breathy attack.

Soft onset is beautifully demonstrated in “White Christmas”, where the singer begins each verse softly, which creates a soothing, intimate atmosphere ideal for this classic holiday song. It’s a technique also used in songs like “Fields of Gold” by Eva Cassidy and “Scarborough Fair” by Simon & Garfunkel.

To perfect this technique, the key is to ensure that your vocal cords come together gently. This requires good breath control and a relaxed throat. Read about Breathing basics and how an open throat contributes to a better sound.

Next, to better understand your specific voice and how to employ it in this song, you can apply the knowledge from these articles about analyzing your voice, voice classification, and voice registers.

After gaining a deeper understanding of your voice, use the vocal range test to determine your specific range. This step is crucial in discovering if you can comfortably sing “White Christmas” or if you’d need to transpose the song to fit your vocal skills.

Remember to take care of your vocal health, which is more significant when mastering new singing techniques. Good practices and habits can be found in our article about vocal health.

Lastly, practice your pitch accuracy with the pitch accuracy test. And to track your progress, our singing course offers structured, step-by-step guidance that covers everything from basic music theory to advanced vocal techniques.

Happy singing and, of course, have a White Christmas!