How to Learn Singing “Wide Open Spaces” from The Dixie Chicks

How to Learn Singing “Wide Open Spaces” by Dixie Chicks

Learning to sing a particular song like “Wide Open Spaces” by Dixie Chicks can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore the unique vocal techniques used in the song and provide practical tips on how to master it.

Understanding the Song

“Wide Open Spaces” is a popular country song performed by the Dixie Chicks. The song showcases beautiful harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and a soaring melody. It is a great choice for singers who want to develop their storytelling and emotional expression abilities.

Vocal Technique: Legato Phrasing

One of the key vocal techniques used in “Wide Open Spaces” is legato phrasing. Legato refers to singing with smooth and connected notes, creating a seamless and flowing sound. In this song, the Dixie Chicks use legato to convey the sense of longing and freedom described in the lyrics.

To practice legato phrasing, start by singing the song’s melody line with a focus on connecting each note smoothly. Pay attention to your breath control and maintain a consistent airflow throughout the phrases. Singing exercises like the Pitch Training exercises can also help you improve your legato technique.

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Other Songs with Similar Vocal Techniques

The legato phrasing used in “Wide Open Spaces” can also be found in other popular country songs. Some examples include “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton and “Need You Now” by Lady A.


Learning to sing “Wide Open Spaces” requires mastering the unique vocal technique of legato phrasing. Practice connecting the notes smoothly and use Singing Carrots resources to improve your technique. Remember, singing is not just about hitting the right notes but also conveying the emotion and storytelling in a song. Enjoy the process and have fun exploring your own interpretation of this beautiful song!