How to Learn Singing “With Arms Wide Open” from Creed

Learning to Sing ‘With Arms Wide Open’ by Creed

Known for its emotional delivery and powerful vocal technique, the song ‘With Arms Wide Open’ by Creed provides an excellent opportunity to master the skill of Heavy Modal singing.

Step 1: Understanding the Vocal Technique

Heavy Modal is a technique where the singer maintains their full or ‘heavy’ voice up to upper pitch limits, creating a robust and powerful sound. Apart from Creed’s ‘With Arms Wide Open’, this technique is widely employed by rock artists such as Chris Cornell in ‘Black Hole Sun’ and Robert Plant in ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

Step 2: Assess Your Vocal Range

Before starting, you should determine your vocal range using our Vocal Range Test. This will help you understand if you can comfortably reach the high notes in ‘With Arms Wide Open’ with your natural voice.

Step 3: Learn the Song

Start learning the song by mastering its melody and lyrics. Use our Song Search to find ‘With Arms Wide Open’ and related resources such as lyrics, sheet music, and backing tracks.

Step 4: Apply the Heavy Modal Technique

Once comfortable with the melody and lyrics, focus on the Heavy Modal technique. Ensure to deliver the ‘heavy’ sound without strain or vocal fatigue. Refer to the article on Contemporary Vocal Techniques for guidance.

Step 5: Practice Regularly

Use our Pitch Training regularly to improve your pitch accuracy and incorporate the Heavy Modal technique effectively into your singing. Remember, mastering a new technique takes time and consistent effort, so show patience and practice regularly.

Step 6: Monitor Your Progress

Lastly, keep track of your improvement using the Vocal Pitch Monitor. It will show you the exact notes you’re hitting, which can be a crucial tool in perfecting your technique.

With dedication and persistent practice, you can sing ‘With Arms Wide Open’ beautifully and expand your vocal abilities.