How to Learn Singing “Wonderful Tonight” from Eric Clapton

How to Learn to Sing “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

“Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton is a beautiful ballad that showcases Clapton’s smooth vocals and heartfelt expression. Learning to sing this song requires a combination of technical skill and emotional connection. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning and performing “Wonderful Tonight” with practical advice and valuable resources from Singing Carrots.

1. Analyze Your Voice

Before diving into learning the song, it’s essential to understand your voice and its unique characteristics. Singing Carrots offers a helpful article on voice analysis that will guide you in identifying your vocal range, voice type, and vocal attributes. This knowledge will help you tailor your performance to your strengths.

2. Warm Up Properly

A good warm-up routine is crucial for preparing your voice and preventing strain. Utilize the pitch training tool provided by Singing Carrots, which offers interactive vocal warm-ups and exercises for range and agility. Additionally, you can try the Farinelli Breathing exercise video to improve breath control and support.

3. Study Vocal Techniques

“Wonderful Tonight” features a smooth, legato vocal style. Understanding vocal registers, particularly the use of the mixed voice, can help you achieve the right tone and control. Singing Carrots’ article on voice registers and vocal breaks will provide valuable insights. You can also watch the Mixed Voice video to learn how to blend your chest voice and head voice effectively.

4. Embrace Emotion

“Wonderful Tonight” is an emotionally charged song, and delivering the lyrics with genuine feeling is essential. Singing Carrots’ article on singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking offers valuable tips on connecting emotionally with your performance. You can also watch the Relaxing Breath video to learn how to relax and convey emotions effectively.

5. Practice and Refine

Consistent practice is key to mastering any song. Utilize Singing Carrots’ pitch accuracy test tool to assess your pitch accuracy while singing along to “Wonderful Tonight.” This will help you identify areas that need improvement. Additionally, regularly record yourself to monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments.

6. Additional Resources

Singing Carrots provides a wealth of resources that can further enhance your singing abilities. Explore the extensive database of vocal ranges of famous singers to find other songs that utilize similar vocal techniques as “Wonderful Tonight.” The song search feature can help you find songs matching your vocal range, difficulty, and genre preference.


Learning to sing “Wonderful Tonight” requires technical proficiency, emotional connection, and consistent practice. By analyzing your voice, warming up properly, studying vocal techniques, embracing emotion, and utilizing Singing Carrots’ resources, you can develop the skills necessary to perform this beautiful song with confidence and grace. Enjoy the journey of learning and expressing yourself through music!