How to Learn Singing “You Can Sleep While I Drive” from Melissa Etheridge

How to Learn Singing “You Can Sleep While I Drive”

Learning to sing a specific song can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we’ll explore the process of learning to sing Melissa Etheridge’s “You Can Sleep While I Drive.” This song is known for its soulful and emotive vocals, and it showcases Etheridge’s unique vocal technique and storytelling abilities.

Understanding the Vocal Technique

“You Can Sleep While I Drive” requires strong breath control and control over your vocal registers. Etheridge utilizes a mix of chest voice and head voice, creating a seamless transition between the two registers. This technique adds depth and emotion to the song, allowing the singer to convey the underlying emotions effectively.

It’s important to practice vocal exercises that focus on breath control, range, and the transition between registers. Singing Carrots provides a comprehensive pitch training program that can help you develop these essential skills. Additionally, you can take the educational singing course offered by Singing Carrots to improve your overall singing technique.

Practical Tips for Learning the Song

Here are some practical tips to help you learn and sing “You Can Sleep While I Drive” effectively:

  1. Start by listening to the original recording of the song to get familiar with the melody, phrasing, and overall feel of the song.
  2. Study the lyrics to understand the story and emotions behind the song. This will help you deliver a more authentic and heartfelt performance.
  3. Begin with vocal warm-up exercises to prepare your voice for singing. Singing Carrots’ Vocal Pitch Monitor can be a helpful tool to visualize and monitor your sung notes.
  4. Focus on breath control and support throughout the song. Practice diaphragmatic breathing using Singing Carrots’ breathing exercises.
  5. Pay attention to the vocal nuances and dynamics in the song. Experiment with different vocal techniques, such as vibrato, twang, and belting, to add expression and depth to your performance. Singing Carrots provides exercises for these techniques.
  6. Record yourself singing the song and listen back to identify areas that need improvement. Use Singing Carrots’ pitch accuracy test to assess your pitch accuracy and make necessary adjustments.
  7. Consider taking voice lessons with a qualified vocal coach who can provide personalized guidance and feedback on your performance of “You Can Sleep While I Drive.”

Similar Vocal Techniques in Other Songs

The vocal technique used in “You Can Sleep While I Drive” can be observed in other popular songs. One such example is Adele’s “Someone Like You,” which also requires a seamless transition between chest voice and head voice to convey deep emotions. Another song that showcases this vocal technique is “Stay” by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko.


By understanding the vocal technique used in “You Can Sleep While I Drive,” practicing with the help of Singing Carrots’ resources, and following the practical tips provided, you can learn to sing this soulful and emotive song effectively. Remember to enjoy the process and allow your unique voice to shine through as you deliver a captivating performance.