How to Learn Singing “You’re No Good” from Linda Ronstadt

Learning to Sing ‘You’re No Good’ by Linda Ronstadt

A classic of the late 70s, ‘You’re No Good’ is a showcase of Linda Ronstadt’s vocal power. To ace this song, focusing on the Chest Voice, Articulation and Emotional Execution is key. Let’s see how you can learn it effectively.

Step 1: Understanding Vocal Range

Firstly, ensure your vocal capabilities align with the song. ‘You’re No Good’ covers a range from F#3 (verse) to A4 (chorus). Check your range with our Vocal Range Test.

Step 2: Mastering the Chest Voice

Linda Ronstadt’s raw power in ‘You’re No Good’ comes from her full Chest Voice. Learn using your chest register effectively with this Chest Voice Explained video. Then, practice transitioning between registers smoothly to avoid voice breaks. Understand more about this in our Voice registers & vocal break article.

Step 3: Articulation and Pronunciation

The song demands clear articulation for its rapid-fire verses. Use our Finger Bite exercise to improve your articulation.

Step 4: Emotional Execution

Weave in appropriate emotions in your rendition. If you’re feeling nervous, check out our guide to overcome stage fright. Transform your apprehension into a compelling performance with emotional control, as described in our Singing with intuition, skills, emotion and thinking article.

Step 5: Practicing ‘You’re No Good’

After working on each section, bring it all together. Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to ensure you’re hitting the notes correctly. Sing it a cappella, then try it with the instrumental.

Other Songs to Try

After mastering ‘You’re No Good’, expand your repertoire with these:

  • ‘Piece of My Heart’ by Janis Joplin
  • ‘River Deep – Mountain High’ by Tina Turner

Each of these songs utilizes chest voice power, clear articulation, and contains a similar vocal range. See if these matches your voice using our Song search feature.

Good luck, and enjoy the learning process!