How to Learn Singing “You’re the Top” from Anything Goes

How to Sing “Anything Goes” with Unique Vocal Technique

If you’re a fan of classic musical theater, you’ll love learning how to sing “Anything Goes” from the famous Cole Porter musical. This song is a joyful and energetic number filled with witty lyrics and catchy melodies. It’s a perfect choice to showcase your vocal skills and entertain your audience.

Unique Vocal Technique: Twang

One of the standout features of “Anything Goes” is the use of a vocal technique called twang. Twang refers to a bright and focused sound produced by narrowing the pharynx and raising the soft palate. It adds a unique brightness and clarity to your voice, allowing you to project and cut through the music.

The use of twang in “Anything Goes” can be heard in phrases like:

“When all the world is in slumber”

“Why, if the pitch it’s a high C”

By incorporating twang into your singing, you’ll be able to capture the essence of this song and make it truly shine.

Practical Advice to Learn “Anything Goes”

Here are some practical steps to help you master “Anything Goes” and make it your own:

  1. Start by listening to different versions of the song to familiarize yourself with the style and melody. Pay attention to how different singers interpret the song.
  2. Analyze your voice and determine your vocal range to understand which key works best for you to sing the song comfortably.
  3. Spend time practicing the pitch accuracy exercises provided by Singing Carrots to ensure you hit all the right notes.
  4. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor tool to visualize your sung notes on a virtual piano and fine-tune your pitch.
  5. Explore the Singing Carrots educational singing course to gain a deeper understanding of vocal technique and performance skills.
  6. Don’t forget to warm up your voice before singing. Check out the Singing Carrots Twang Exercise to improve your twanging abilities.
  7. Practice singing the song with a backing track to improve your timing and phrasing.
  8. Pay attention to diction and articulation to ensure that the lyrics are clear and easily understood.
  9. Record yourself singing the song and listen back to identify areas for improvement.
  10. Remember to have fun and bring your own unique interpretation to the song. Let your personality shine through.

Other Songs with Similar Vocal Technique

The twang vocal technique used in “Anything Goes” is also found in other popular songs. Here are a few examples:

  • “You’re the Top” – Another Cole Porter classic that showcases the use of twang.
  • “Cabaret” – The title song from the musical has sections where twang is utilized to add a punch to the vocals.
  • “Defying Gravity” – From the musical Wicked, this song features powerful twang in the belted sections.
  • “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor’s iconic disco anthem incorporates twang for a forceful and commanding vocal performance.

By exploring these songs and understanding how twang is used, you can further develop your twanging skills and apply them to a variety of musical genres.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a microphone, let your voice soar, and take on the challenge of singing “Anything Goes” with your unique vocal technique!