Review🎙️: Learning to Sing with Singdaptive

Singdaptive calls itself the “new” way to learn singing online. This review explains how it is different from other online singing platforms.

The Challenge of Learning to Sing Online

A Google search for singing insights, lessons, or techniques will bring up, literally, millions of resources, blogs, videos, and podcasts. How is a singer to come up with a plan for themselves from all this material? What should they start with first? How do they know if the media they choose is right for their genre, range, gender, and unique experiences and challenges?

Singdaptive was founded to give each singer a personal path through this myriad of content. Every singer on Singdaptive works out their plan through personal video exchanges back and forth with a Lead Instructor. The plan results in specific tasks, insights, and lessons, forming a unique path for every singer.  All of this happens on a safe, easy-to-use platform.

What is Singdaptive’s Training Method?

The center of Singdaptive’s learning is personal video exchanges between a learner and a highly qualified instructor. These exchanges can happen any time day or night and begin with questions and ideas from Singdaptive which aim at getting to know each singer and their goals. 

The first exchanges lead to establishing a personal plan. This is followed by more personal guidance as well as tasks, insights, and hand-picked lessons from their extensive library. Singdaptive even lets singers start the experience for free before purchasing a subscription plan.

A special feature is that it is the main task of every Lead Instructor to bring insights, clips, and tasks to their students from several other instructors on the team. This is so that no singer is limited to the insights of just one coach.

What is Singdaptive’s Claim?

Here is one of the main quotes from their website: “There are millions of instructional videos out there for singers. What Singdaptive offers is personal guidance for your unique voice through personal video exchanges and tasks selected especially for you by your instructor. What makes us truly unique is that we offer asynchronous learning – this means that you don’t need to keep an appointment and can interact with your learning at any time, day or night.”

What Does Their Platform Look Like?

Screenshot of Singdaptive interface

Every singer is invited to start a personal exchange after signing up for a free account. They will then be sent a personal response along with tasks and other relevant learning tools. The screenshot above shows these exchanges.

Who Are Their Vocal Coaches?

Singdaptive vocal coaches

Singdaptive’s vocal coaches are not only highly educated, but they perform regularly. Their instructors have worked on The Voice, for Disney Productions, The BBC and with A-List artists. Their team also includes medical specialists, audio engineers and award-winning choral directors. A full list and description of their 20+ instructors can be found on their main page.

Who Is This For / Not For?

Singers who do not want personal guidance but simply enjoy surfing through pre-existing lessons may not be attracted to the personal nature of the platform. Conversely, singers who want personal guidance but find it difficult to travel to a one-on-one session or to keep a scheduled appointment will relate well to Singdaptive’s personal, asynchronous coaching. 

What’s Unique about This Way of Learning?

Singdaptive is a step forward from online learning sites that give access to the same lessons for all singers, regardless of their genre, goals, and unique experience. Their personal approach combined with the ability to access and send personal messages at any time day or night is unique for online learning.