Unleash 1 Million Voices – Singing Carrots Mission

Singing Carrots is on a mission to Unleash 1 Million Singing Voices.

Singing can enrich our lives in a myriad of different ways, but this is what OUR users think about singing.

Singing for me is a way to not only express how you feel but to also have fun. I sing because I love music and I love to sing.


I have a strong passion for music and play several instruments, The current quest is to master the vocal instrument that lives within me.

– Evan

I love singing. It’s my favorite hobby. Also, I sing because it’s how I express my emotions, and it makes me feel more connected with others and myself.

– Cassie

For me, singing is my other way of speaking my message, to show people that I’m more than myself.

– Arfah

It’s a liberating type of expression.

– Hillel 

It’s the connection/reminder of my heart during the friendly game of tug-of-war between my brain’s left and right hemispheres.

– Brandon

I sing because I have dreams of going on Broadway, like others in my family have. Singing is also just an escape from reality, and I am decent at it, so it’s fun.

– Presley

I sing since I was a kid. I love music.

– Carla

I believe I received a msg saying reach out through song – I am compelled.

– Kevin

Singing certain melodies within some songs is like unlocking or tickling parts of my brain. I feel like I can use certain melodies to deal with my emotions in a positive way.


Singing is all about having fun, express feelings and touching others people’s heart. Also, a great way of worshiping God, if you’re religious.

– Anderson

I probably don’t sound the best, but I sing to bring me emotion. Seeing big stars captivating audiences on stages, is truly one of the most moving things one can experience; I feel I get a glimpse into the grandiosity one must feel, standing tall on those stages, from the comfort of my own home.

– Dany

It’s one of my most favorite things to do – It’s a way of worship.

– Olivia

My life without songs or singing is meaningless. There are many songs which when I sing I feel they describe me.

– Akshat

It is an enjoyable pastime, and i love to sing for the fun of it.

– Francesca

Singing is a great stress reliever and time killer when I’m at home. I get excited when I sing well and I feel thrilled when performing for someone.

– Kristian

I love it! It makes me happy!

– C…

Fun, I love it, it connects people.

– Tokim

. I sing anytime, when I’m happy, sad, bored, excited….

– Ecemi

It is a form of expression, a creative outlet, and it helps my confidence to do everything like speaking publicly and showing up as a leader in the parts of my life. 

– Farrah

It makes me calm when I sing.

– Beka

Singing for me is a form of release; a way to express suppressed emotions, communicate thoughts in a more appealing way.

– Agye

Singing for me is a way of expressing one’s thoughts and emotions. 

– Enzo

Singing is healing for me. It keeps me sane. And brings light to my life. Even rap music does too.

– Tisktis

Singing is like oxygen for me , I sing when I feel happy, even if I’m sad 
Only singing is reason I’m living 

– Rdbm

Singing as always been a passionate, a love, and an escape.

– Only

Anything and everything.

– Umma

Singing is joy.

– Burning Halo

I love it so much! I have always loved musical theater and for me singing and acting is an escape, and just really fun to do even if I’m not singing my best.

– Eleanora

Singing is my way of feeling relaxed and happy.

– Rachel

Singing is pure art, a way to express your feelings and make others feel as well.

– Fernando

I love singing, it helps me connect with a deeper part of myself. It’s a way I can express myself with tones and beats instead of just words. 

– Eva

It’s a fun way of letting go.

– Mia

As a Christian, I sing to worship, and I sing because it makes me happy. Music is an artistic way to share a story or to express emotion.

– Gianna

Singing is my “escape” and helps me through the day. As someone with High Anxiety, PTSD and struggling with being 90 percent blind, music helps me focus. If there is a chore (washing dishes, laundry) and I don’t have the energy to do it, I turn on my playlist, sing and do my task. If I am struggling with content ideas, I turn on another play list, sing and focus on that. I have been singing since I was little, did Choir, and a few vocal coaches along the way. Singing just makes me feel whole and helps me forget about my physical/mental issues.


Singing is a way to release pent-up emotions or energy. Singing is a good way to stim too, it makes the singer feel good and free.

– Rose

Music and sound in general is soothing to my ears. Expressing through singing is a very calming and warm way of connecting to my feelings.

– Cove

Therapeutic. Soul lifting. Positivity.

– Whovation

Singing is a way of expressing emotions through your voice. Icing because it helps me to understand myself better and express emotions through song.

– Ev

Express myself, stress relief.

– Ned

Singing is something that makes me happy and always lifts my mood, so in my eyes, it’s a way to boost my feelings.

– Anders

Singing is my life, passion, my everything.

– Koushani

Singing is the most direct way for me to connect with music. Also I think it’s the voice is the purest instrument of all.

– Sergio

Singing makes me feel so physically and mentally vibrant.

– Clarey

Singing to me is an art form, a way to express feelings on a deeper level. Songs can create emotions that nothing else can. I sing because it instantly clears my mind and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

– L.J.

I just love it deeply.

– Viktoria

I know it’s very known answer but singing like water, food or oxygen for me. If I can’t sing, my brain plays a song itself. I am singing because it’s the best way to express emotions.

– Elvin

Well mostly for fun I guess, however I also like to use short pieces of a song in conversations kinda as a joke if it fits in the conversation.

– Heine

Singing for me is the most fun way to pass my time. 

– Roselyn

Singing has helped my soul speak where my mind cannot.
A true form of therapy.
I guess I’ve never considered the question of “why do I sing”, until now.
I know I’ve never put too much thought into it because it comes from a deep place that is quite the opposite of analytical. It’s free, it’s freedom, it’s peaceful, it’s an outlet undestructive in manor (aside from keeping the neighbors up when belting out lol), it’s a safe place. It’s a moment between me and me and I don’t expect anyone else to understand nor expect them to.
It’s calm.

– Brandon

It’s just pure happiness. The thing is, If I’m singing well I get teary cos it’s so beautiful, hah.

– Daisy

Singing is a form of art, and music you can take with you wherever you go. I sing because it’s fun, relaxing, entertaining, and a good shower activity!

– Sydney

I sing for fun when I am alone. I don’t sing well, but it feels good anyway. When I really feel the music, I immediately want to sing along!

– Kevin

It’s the only thing I’m interested in. It makes me fit into a place where I can just be myself. 

– Jay

Singing is a way to express myself and also help me to relax when I feel stressed. I sing because it’s relaxing and funny

– Gabriel

I love to sing, it’s my whole life. I’ve done musical theater for 10 years and singing is one of my favorite ways of expression, I just find it so fun and enjoyable.

– Freya

It is a way of communication with yourself. You don’t have to say a word or even think when you just tap the play button, and then you are talking, understanding yourself. It can also be a confidence builder. You know, like when you found someone that had the same experience as yourself, with so much talent, it just feels safe to be you. 

– Elshaday

Singing is a way to express the expression through a song, I want to comfort and send the emotion to the audience.

– Kurosawa